Inspiring women to live a high vibe life connected to their cyclical nature & wild feminine ways

Hi Beautiful Being
I'm Cree, 
Soul Alignment Guide &
Menstrual Maven
dedicated to helping YOU
live your most aligned,
& embodied life
If you are here...

You're  likely not one to follow the rules.

No matter how hard you've tried, you can't

    seem to fit yourself into the mold of who

society tells you to be.

You know you are here for more than that

You're done trying to fit into a world that doesn't make sense to you

You're done trying to be someone that you're not

You're done living in a way that does not honor ALL of you

Enough is enough.......

You are ready to be your authentic badass self and the creatrix

of your own reality where you live life on your terms. 

You didn't come to live a life that someone else has prescribed

You Came To Be You

I see you... i hear you... I feel you

My guess is that you're a Sacred Rebel at heart.

A brave soul who is not afraid to shake things up, in an attempt to heal the world.  

You dare to dream a more beautiful world based in love, rather than fear.

You believe that it's possible to follow your dreams AND live your life in a more heart centered and nourishing way.

You want a life that is authentic and sacred, filled with beauty and passion.

Perhaps, this is the first you've heard this term, but everything inside you is buzzing with truth, saying, "Yes!  Yes!!!  More of that!"

Maybe, the hard outer layer you've developed from years of trying to be someone that you're not to survive in the world, is just beginning to crack,

your heart crying out for you to live in a more soulful and enlivened way.


                        REBEL TO ANOTHER.... 


Wherever you are in your journey I am here for you. 

We're in this together and I would love to support your journey in whatever way I can.

When women stand together in their power, mountains will be moved.

What I Offer

Quantum Healing
Group Programs
1 on 1 Coaching

Join other women on a transformational journey through learning about your body's cycles & rhythms

Receive practical, intuitive, heart-centered guidance to help you step into the Radiant, Spiritually Connected, Bad-Ass Woman that you are

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What Women Are Saying

Before doing embody your flow, I had a vague understanding of  the phases of the cycle. I knew my cycles had something to do with the moon but I didn't really know how to harness the power within me. After the course, I now have a much more clear understanding of my life, why I act the way I do, & how to cooperate with the phases to have a much more stress free life. 

Lillibette Thompson