About Me

My overall purpose in life is to

  radiate joy, embrace radical self-love, embody my divine feminine nature and to know the truth of who I am.

I am here to walk an authentically embodied path of sovereignty,

driven by a deep passion to live life to its fullest, with unlimited freedom, potential & love.


"Freedom is realizing that you create your own reality and choosing to do so consciously"

I am an ever expanding, fully alive, vibrant woman with a fierce passion to impart perennial truths and embodied wisdom to those who are willing to listen. Marching to the rhythm of my own drum, I am living a life that feels completely aligned with my highest purpose.




Things have not always been this way. 

This is the person that I have evolved and grown into as I have put in the WORK and continuously broken down the illusions and conditioning that came with this body and life.

Once upon a time I was an extremely shy, self-conscious, couldn’t say anything nice about myself kind of girl.

I would literally freeze like a deer in headlights any time I was asked a question.  I was the kind of girl where my face would turn beet red if someone complimented me, especially if it was a cute guy.

I had no concept of self-love.

I was trapped inside my fear, completely immobilized, because of the total lack of self-confidence I had.

Something shifted when I was 18, a little spark inside me ignited a burning desire to come to fully know what Self-Love was. From this spark a wild-fire grew and the past 16 years has had me on a wild, deep and radical journey to uncover my truest essence.  And... that my friend, is LOVE. The heart of me is pure love just as the heart of you is pure love.


It is part of my path and purpose to help facilitate all humans in awakening to that deep love within themselves.

Through my journey of deepening Self-Love, I became interested in my own menstrual cycle and in learning how my cycle can be a gateway to higher states of consciousness, a monthly ritual of self-care and a way to become deeply connected with my own feminine wisdom.

I knew I had to share this with other women.

For the past decade, I have been working with my menstrual cycle as my most trusted ally and internal compass. I base my entire life around my sacred moon time and cycle as a whole.  I work with my flow in a very intentional way. Consciously working with my menstrual cycle has hands down been the most transformational spiritual practice I have ever worked with (and I have worked with A LOT).

I have also been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over a decade and have helped thousands of people come home to themselves in their bodies.  My intuitive and experiential understanding of the female body has naturally developed through many years of giving and receiving many forms of healing work.  As well as in various avenues of study, such as being a Certified Arvigo Practitioner, practicing prenatal massage


and taking courses in cycle charting to further assist women in their journey of trying to conceive.  I am endlessly fascinated with the female body.  It brings me great passion and joy to inspire women to fall in love with themselves, their body and their cycle.

I love supporting women through wellness coaching, menstrual education and empowerment and intuitive oracle readings.  If you feel called to work with me, but aren't sure where to start contact me here.  I am here to be of service and support you in living your most aligned, authentic and vibrant life.

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